Inside Transitioning Out: 3 Interior Design Trends for Outdoor Living

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If you have ever been to California or live here, you know that California life means great weather most of the year (beach days in January and February are really when California shows it’s best self). As a California interior designer, resident and enjoyer of all things outdoors, I know the importance of exceptional outdoor living spaces. I have recently designed a lot of outdoor spaces and it has led to an abundance of research and thinking about outdoor design. I have narrowed down my top 3 favorite trends that I'm dying to implement in our next exterior design project.

Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Space

The best way to create a seamless indoor/outdoor space is by using continuous flooring from the interior space to the exterior space. This creates an area where it blurs the lines between a defined interior design and  exterior space. Architects are also specifying retractable doors that recess into a space between the walls that even further blur the defined spaces. This is my favorite trend, I just love spaces that are multi-functional!

D U S T ®, an architecture firm I recently discovered, executes this idea perfectly. They use the landscape as inspiration and incorporate it into every aspect and detail of their interior design project: Tucson Mountain Retreat.

Dust Architecture, Outdoor Trends by Denise Morrison Interiors.png
Dust Architecture, Outdoor Trends by Denise Morrison Interiors .png


Using Neutral Colors

For a long time when we thought of outdoor spaces, we thought of bright, exuberant colors. Currently though, neutrals and grays are becoming more popular for the main upholstery pieces, while pillows and rugs incorporate subtle color and details bringing life to the outdoor area. This method brings simplicity and sophistication to exterior spaces.

Gloster is one of our favorite go-to's for outdoor furniture. They do an amazing job of creating gorgeous furniture that speaks for itself. It doesn’t need pattern or color to make a sleek and stylish statement. The sophistication of a neutral color palette will complement any exterior house style and create a serene outdoor space for any interior design.

Gloster, Outdoor Trends by Denise Morrison Interiors.png
Gloster, Outdoor Trends by Denise Morrison Interiors 1.png
Gloster, Outdoor Trends by Denise Morrison Interiors 2.png

Trending in Interior Design: Swings

“Growing up I remember my grandma had a wicker swing in her basement and my cousins and I would take turns swinging and pushing each other for hours. I adore the outdoor versions of these swings, they add so much personality to an exterior space.” -- Liz Marchant, VP Design

The latest outdoor trend I am excited about is swinging chairs. These are making a comeback and I just know they are tapping into your inner child!  Swings add such a playful feel to any space reminding us of those times as a child when we felt invincible swinging higher and higher until we couldn’t pump our legs anymore. If you are looking for a sophisticated yet whimsical swing, Kettal has a gorgeous lounge chair swing that we are dying to use in an interior design project.

Kettal Outdoor Swing, Outdoor Trends by Denise Morrison Interiors.png
Kettal Outdoor Swing, 3 Outdoor Trends by Denise Morrison Interiors.png


Let us know which of these outdoor trends you will be incorporating into your outdoor design this summer!

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