An Interior Design Perspective: My Favorite Photos

Let’s be honest….who hasn’t spent more than a few minutes scrolling back deep into their Instagram?! Each image brings back memories of the places, people, and experiences we sometimes forget. For me personally, taking a look back on previous projects allows me to reminisce on my journey as an interior design professional and business owner. We have grown so much over the past few years with our team, design projects, and with the opening of our shop. It’s always humbling to stop and remember all that we have accomplished, and how we did it.

I have collected some of my favorite photos from our last few projects that have made such a heavy impact on my heart and career in the most recent years. Get ready for serious design callouts, and cheesy heart-warming details that really helped mold me into the designer I am today!

Starting with one of my favorite installations from 2016, our In the Spotlight project has some of the most stunning photography. Working with photographer, Rod Foster is always incredible, as he and I have a symbiotic approach: I style, he creates the shot. I love how our synergy is evident in the finished photos.

Hallways are often overlooked in interior design, but I look at them as an opportunity. This project was one of the very first ventures that I gave extra attention to a corridor in one of my own designs. As it continues around the corner, the beams, rhythmic lighting, and unique art make this transitional space a true show-stopper. As one of the most traveled spaces within a home, hallways should always reflect your best taste and style.

For this dining space, the surprising mix of the iconic tulip chairs with the chunky table makes this one of my favorite shots for sure. In a remarkable and effortless way, the pairing of the bold white chair backs with this DeBilzan art piece enhances the texture and color of both elements.


From the inside, I absolutely loved this entryway, but when photographer, Rod Foster captured this evening moment, I was blown away. It’s a bit voyeuristic and captivating because you feel like you’re peeking into the most beautiful home (which you basically are.) The red painting created the right amount of drama to this minimalist space, giving the grand entry the perfect first impression.

Because of our client’s generosity we were able to host a fundraiser benefiting two special charities, Mission Hospital and Miracles for Kids. During the event I was able to witness how guests utilized the space we designed. This is a rare occurrence that really contributed to the positive memories I have from designing this home.


I am clearly known for juxtaposing texture in the same way a lot of people like to balance color.  For me, texture and a simple color palette feels more soothing and offers longevity from trendiness. This Under the Boardwalk project was a lovely blend of so many of my favorite materials: steel, wood, and stone.

This dining space has been one of my favorites to show clients wanting to achieve a sophisticated modern look. The organic elements of the wood pots and cerused tabletop balanced well with the Amy Lindquist painting.     

Powder baths are such a fun place to stretch interior design boundaries.  Even if I have a cautious client I will encourage them to do something a little bolder in their powder bath.  For this project, we added generous countertop depth, oversized cabinet knobs, a touch of brass, and wallpaper that melted on the walls.  It was so so pretty and moody!

As our most recent build, the Hilltop Hacienda is by far one of my favorite projects to date! This project took 2+ years to complete, and was filled with celebratory moments. Our clients purchased what, in essence, was a mountain that required an extensive amount of grading just so we could begin the building process. When the really long driveway was graded leading to the construction pad we were all so excited.  It’s a lot easier to visualize a view when you don’t have to climb through sage brush to get to it! When it comes to designing a custom home, we are involved from start to finish. Working with the architects and builders, to the final details of home furnishings and accessories - you name it, we did it!

As I already mentioned, I love a good hallway and this one did not disappoint!  I really had to convince my clients that the star pendants would add so much style to their home.  They were truly unsure about this design idea, but gave me a thumbs up despite their skepticism. That only made me love them and the results all the more, as the lighting turned out even better than I imagined. The star lights coupled with the floating antique Spanish Colonial plate collection makes this design one of my all time favorites.

This dining room was the center-point design for this project with it’s straight viewpoint from the front entry and central location in the home. I knew that this room would lead the style for the whole house!  It had to make a statement and the Ralph Lauren fabric on these dining chairs coupled with the Kravet rug did just the trick. I balanced the dark pattern on the chairs with the minimalist light wood dining table for an intriguing balance of color and texture. This room really represented my artistic approach to design and how tension between shapes and color can make all the difference in interior design.

I could easily put every Spanish Colonial project I’ve ever done on this blog of favorites, but I tried to give you a broader picture of the styles I love.  But in truth-telling, I absolutely love Spanish style. It is so quintessentially California, and I’ve had more fun designing in this genre than any other. I find all of the color and details so special and timeless.  This picture showcases the exterior tile work, where I was able to design each tile and select the entire color palette. It was a wonderful experience and my clients were so happy with the finished project, making the memory all the sweeter.

Did I miss a photo that should have been in the favorite's collection? I would love to hear your feedback and what your favorite's may be. Leave a comment below and be sure to follow along with me on my social accounts (linked below) while my list continues to grow!