Interior Design's Best Tile Trends Of 2018


My absolute favorite part of a new construction project is selecting and designing the tile and stone. I love working on designs at my favorite tile showrooms where I make myself at home, get out a blank sketch pad, and get drawing. A few of my favorite spots are Mission Tile West, Ann Sacks, Walker Zanger and Materials Marketing.  With oodles of options to play with, I start mixing various samples looking for the perfect mix of color, texture and size to create  an amazing design.  Once I narrow down the materials I want to use, I start sketching the space.

There are just so many amazing tile trends out there, that going to a tile showroom is like going to a See’s candy shop. I want it all! I can only imagine how overwhelming this can feel to someone just embarking on a new project.  Well rest assured, I am here to help!  I have done the shopping for you, waded through the candy store and have found the absolute best of the best  to help you get started on your next project with confidence.  Do you have your coffee in hand? (or wine, I won’t judge) Let’s get started!

Begin With the Basics: Traditional Cement

The durability and affordable price point of cement tiles has really brought them to the forefront of tile designs, but now they are taking hold in a new ways with hexagon shapes exploding in popularity and being used in colorful ways to create bold moments.  In addition, the strong tile trend toward color lends itself so well to cement tiles where bold color becomes much softer and appreciated.  

2018 Tile Trends, Concrete.jpg
2018 Tile Trends by DMI Cement.png
2018 Tile Trends by DMI, earthy sage hex.png

(Ann Sacks)

I am particularly drawn to the earthy sage color of this Cle’ Tiles Encaustic Solix Hex tile.Paired with the naturalness of this terracotta tile in pale blue-grey this is a combination that is at the forefront of design.

Three-Dimensional Tile

3D printing has nothing on tile’s most popular new trend, stones with a 3D effect.  With my love for texture, I couldn’t be more excited to see tile and stone pushing forward in a new way.   The multitude of shapes and sizes in three dimensional form is so exciting.  They just exude restrained luxury and offer a tweak to timeless style.  I couldn’t love them more (I mean it).


(Walker Zanger)

Trending In Tile: Terrazzo

Other tile trends to watch and especially with the current love of mid-century modern style are terrazzo tiles and stones.  What once was old is having a comeback in fresh color combinations offering a modern, yet vintage touch to trendy homes.

Terrazzo Tile 2018 Tile Trends by DMI.jpg
Dark Terrazzo 2018 Tile Trends by DMI.png


Color is Back in Tile Trends

I think we are all having the same fill of Grey that we had of beiges in the 90’s. Colors is back! Blues, blues and more blues. From aqua to smoky gray, blue is at the forefront of tile trends.  Whether it’s encaustic concrete patterns, Moroccan glazed, or simple square tiles (yes, they are back! Lay them staggered for a fresh look and…gasp! Add a different color grout) color is having its moment.


Hilltop Hacienda Kitchen with Turquoise Backsplash

                                         ( Ann Sacks )

                                         (Ann Sacks)

                                      (SF Girl By Bay)

                                      (SF Girl By Bay)

Trending in Tile: Porcelain

Porcelain tiles are having a huge moment. They are available in so many colors, textures, and styles that the design combinations are endless.  So many look like limestones, concrete, and  leather that I can’t wait to incorporate them into designs.  For a long time I was not a fan, but they are no longer taboo.  The days of postage stamp tiles that look like a photo are long gone. And this is the GOOD part. Why not use 24x48 white porcelain tile on a shower wall? Everyone  hates grout, so instead of using the classic white subway with its multitude of grout lines, how about  a large white porcelain tile? A clean modern look with a classic appeal.  Perfection!


Bathroom from In the Spotlight with Porcelain Wood Flooring


(Ann Sacks)

The few tile trends I called out are just some of many! I would love to hear your favorite styles are or what you think are upcoming for 2018. Follow along with me on Instagram and Facebook to keep up on what’s new and exciting in the design world.